Chads For Vials Labeling System

A time-saving, easy-to-use, labeling system for your vials. BASi® offers the CHADs for Vials labeling system to help ensure reliable sample identification.

  • Quick sequential numbering of your vials. Individually or en-masse.
  • Simple to apply via the Chad Rack
  • These legibe, pre-numbered Chads are available in multiple colors with sequential numbering to distinguish study groups.
  • Waterproof and solvent resistant labels are easily identifiable in the vivarium, the freezer, or the analytical lab.
  • Friction based attachment doesn't rely on messy glue.
  • Reduce technician time and save money.
  • Can be used to label a multitude of vials or cylinders sized from (~ 5.2 to 6.0 mm OD) or (~ 9.5 to 10.8 mm OD). 

Chads Multi-pack - small vials 
1 each: Green, Blue, Grey, Pink, White, Yellow and Salmon 
 CX-1801 Chad rack for small Culex vials with 8 sheets of chads
Chads Grey - small vials
Chads Blue - small vials
Chads - Green - small vials
Chads - Pink - small vials
Chads - Salmon - small vials
Chads - Violet - small vials
Chads - White - small vials
Chads - Yellow - small vials
CX-1901 Chad rack for Eppendorf vials with 10 sheets of chads
Chads - Blue - large vials
Chads - White - large vials

Other sizes potentially available for OEM applications.