Probe Clamps, Rods and Extended Stylets

Probe Clamps and Rods

When using BASi® probes for brain microdialysis, you will need a probe clamp and clamp rod for your stereotaxic frame. BASi’s Probe Clamps utilize the Clamp Rod to be attached to the stereotaxic frame. The clamp rod readily attaches to a Kopf, Stoelting, or ASI stereotaxic frame. The probe clamp grips the guide cannula and or the probes during stereotaxic implantation.

MD-1520 and MD-1523 type clamps are used for holding BR and MBR type guide cannula/probes respectively.  BASi® Calibration Station for probe wetting/preparation and in vitro recoveries comes with two clamps of either type. If you are switching to a non-BASi probe, these clamps fit on a CMA/130. 

In addition MD-1526 type clamp is used to hold the extended stylets, MD-2205, MD-2225 and MD-2227 during stereotaxic implantation of BR or MBR type guide cannulas.


Extended Stylets

The extended stylets are designed to implant BR or MBR type guide cannula with ease, providing better spatial accessibility to the implantation site during stereotaxic surgery. 

Ordering Information

MD-1520 Probe Clamp for BR type Probes / Guide Cannula,1 each
MD-1523 Probe Clamp for MBR type Probes / Guide Cannula, 1 each
MD-1526 Probe Clamp for BR and MBR type Extended Stylets
MD-2205 Extended Stylet for BR type Guide Cannula MD-2250 and MD-2251
MD-2225 Extended Stylet for MBR-5 Guide Cannula MD-2255
MD-2227 Extended Stylet for MBR-10 Guide Cannula MD-2256


Clamp Rod, 1 each
Attaches the probe clamps MD-1520, MD-1523, MD-1526 to Kopf, Stoelting, or ASI Stereotaxic Frame
(Rod diameter: 0.312” / 7.92 mm)
Custom Custom Clamp Rod Available to suit other stereotaxic frames Ask BASi