BASi Culex® Cart Options

We have attempted to provide a flexible ordering system with options that let you configure the BASi Culex ® to your needs. Each BASi Culex ® order begins with choosing a frame style (benchtop unit, single station cart, or four station cart). From there, you can choose the caging type and accessories that fit your needs.

Four-Station Mobile Cart (CX-100U)

Designed for researchers interested in combinatorial pharmacology, it occupies less than 0.25 square meter of floor space, and will collect multiple data streams from a single animal. Removable side shelves can hold extra fraction collectors or other equipment for microdialysis, bile sampling, or physiological measurements.


The Culex-L™ was designed to apply BASi Culex ® technology to large animal models such as swine. The cage diameter is 1.2m, the safety perimeter requires 7 square meters. This will accommodate pigs up to 45kg.

Comparison of the standard BASi Culex ® carts.