EMPIS® Applications

Drug Infusion

Use the Empis alone or in conjunction with the Culex Automated In Vivo Sampling System to combine automated dosing and blood sampling. The Empis system can deliver fluid from up to three refillable syringes at flow rates ranging from 0.5 µL to 2000µL/min. Design a method for continuous, bolus, repeat or tandem dosing. Choose to delay the dose until the middle of the night, and use the Empis program to initiate a Culex blood sampling method.

Automated Bile Collection

Use our innovative bile collection system to take samples while maintaining animal health. During collection periods the subject benefits from automatic infusion of replacement bile salts. Between collection periods, bile re-circulates naturally. This system offers two major benefits: the first, your animal stays healthier for days, weeks or even months. The second, you have higher quality and higher resolution data than with traditional bile collection methods.


Use the Empis to automate delivery of perfusion fluid in microdialysis experiments. The automatically refillable syringe means that you no longer have to manually refill gas-tight syringes. Flow rates can be set from 0.5µL to 2000µL/min with 0.1µL increments. Easily collect rotational and rearing behavior with the click of a box. The Empis does not rely on liquid swivels for delivery, and instead is used on our Raturn platform allowing for a continuous connection from syringe to animal.

Animal Behavior

Easily collect behavioral data using the Empis infusion device. Collect data for left, right and rearing behavior and analyze your data with our Animal Activity Analysis software. This data can provide valuable supportive information for your study, and can be especially useful when conducting studies on CNS-active drugs.