The Empis® Automated Drug Infusion System


  • Dose animals without humans in the room to reduce stress and capture better data
  • Create complex dosing protocols with up to two compounds and a flushing syringe
  • Dose anytime of the day or night, and when paired with the Culex®, collect samples with ease
  • Configurable system can be used for drug delivery, automated bile collection, microdialysis and animal activity monitoring
  • Continuous infusion is easy with automatically refilling syringes 


  • Multi-step, fully programmable protocols deliver fluids from up to three refillable syringes to an implanted catheter or through a microdialysis probe
  • Maintains library of user-defined infusion methods
  • User can program delayed stars or start-and-stop dosin, all while maintainng catheter patency
  • Automatically calculates volume and time required to deliver a specified dose based on weight, drug concentration and selected flow rate
  • Produces a report detailing all dosing operations conducted
  • Can be programmed to launch Culex method automatically after dosing, or used as a stand-alone instrument
  • Connects to all BASi Culex catheters, and can be modified to work with alternative catheter vendors
  • The Empis can be used on the Four-Station Culex (CX-300U and CX-315U) or can be used with a Single-Station power supply (CX-301U)


  • Flow rates from 0.5 µL to 2000µL/min, with 0.1 µL  increments
  • Multi-step programming of up to 999 lines
  • Progam by dose (mg/kg), volume (mL) or duration (Day:Hour:Minute) of infusion
  • Independent control of each dosing syringe
  • IV, IP, PO and Duodenal dosing routes
  • Most frequently used for rats, but settings for mice and large animal models are incorporated into the software
  • Software control of up to 4 systems, independent control of each station
  • Uses sterile, disposable tubing sets for 1-, 2- or 3- syringes
  • 4.5” wide x 12” deep x 8.5” tall (24” tall with bag hanger)
  • Windows XP or later. USB port required


Empis Automated Dosing System Tubing Set Options