The EMPIS® Automated Drug Infusion System


  • Multi-step, fully programmable protocols deliver fluids from up to three refillable syringes to an implanted catheter or through a microdialysis probe.
  • Flow rates from 0.5 µL to 2000µL/min
  • Maintains library of user-defined infusion methods
  • Automatically calculates volume and time required to deliver a specified dose based on weight, drug concentration and selected flow rate.
  • Produces a report detailing all dosing operations conducted
  • Software runs on same laptop with Culex blood sampling software and controls up to four Empis pumps
  • Can be programmed to launch Culex method automatically after dosing, or used as a stand-alone instrument
  • Uses sterile, disposable tubing sets in multiple designs
  • Connects to all Culex catheters
  • The Empis can be used on the Four-Station Culex (CX-300U and CX-315U) or can be used with a Single-Station power supply (CX-301U)