Raturn® Animal Activity Monitor

Capture behavioral data with the Raturn Animal Activity Monitor. The BASi® Animal Activity Monitor collects information on animal movement when an animal is tethered in a Raturn Sampling Caging System. The monitor records frequency and duration of clockwise, counterclockwise, and rearing activity. This can help identify whether your treatment has psychomotor effects.

Note: Activity data was, however temperature data above was not, captured by the Raturn Animal Activity Monitor. Data was graphed by spreadsheet.


  • Collect animal activity data in Stand-Alone Raturn systems or Rodent Workstations
  • Obtain data for direction, frequency, duration and time of both rotational and rearing behavior
  • One Activity Monitor collects data from up to four Raturn systems


  • Raturn Activity Monitor has the same small footprint as the stackable Raturn Controller
  • Activity Monitor interfaces between your PC and up to four Raturn Controllers
  • All necessary connection cables are included with purchase


  • User-defined time intervals summarize activity data to your specifications
  • Collect the type of data you want, including Left Rotation, Right Rotation, Rearing, or All
  • Easily import data to your spreadsheet or database for manipulation


  • Track acclimation to changing day/night cycles
  • Observe changes in activity following the dosing of CNS active drugs
  • Capture unexpected psychomotor changes following treatments
  • Facilitates activity correlations with other parameters, such as drug administration, neurotransmitter release, body temperature or bile flow

Ordering Information

MD-1410 Raturn Activity Monitor