Surgical Instrument Kit

The BASi® basic surgical instrument kit includes a collection of surgical instruments, recommended suture materials, and other small items used in general small animal surgery (vascular surgery, stereotaxic surgery, etc.). Kit instruments are packaged in a soft cloth storage pouch. Individual items from the kit can also be purchased separately. 

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Surgical Instrument Kit
Kit includes:

MR-5300 Iris Tissue Forceps
MR-5301 #10 Scalpel Blades (12)
MR-5302 #3 Scalpel Handle
MR-5303 Serrefine Clamps (2)
MR-5304 5.5" Kelly Forceps (2)
MR-5305 Jeweler Forceps
MR-5306 Mayo Hegar Needle holder 6"
MR-5307 Iris Scissors
MR-5308 Operating Scissors
MR-5309 Bone Wax
MR-5310 #14 Surgeon's Needles (12)
MR-5311 #18 Surgeon's Needles (12)
MR-5312 Suture Thread and Dispenser
MR-5313 Surgical Introducer Needle
MR-5314 Bottle of Veterinary Glue
A-1225 Soft Cloth Instrument Pouch