Digisim® 3.0 Upgrade

This page only provides DigiSim upgrades and installation instructions for existing DigiSim users. If you are searching for basic information about DigiSim, please click here. Although the version of DigiSim provided on this page can be downloaded by anyone, it can only be used by existing DigiSim users who already have the required dongle installed on their PC.

Features of DigiSim 3.0

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
  • A DigiSim 3.0 file can contain multiple simulated voltammograms.
  • Supports parallel electron transfer reactions, i.e.:
    A + e = B1
    A + e = B2
    A + e = Bn
  • Supports multiple electron transfers of the form:
    A + ne = B (where n £9)
  • Expanded options for Mechanism Syntax.
  • Option for diffusion of selected species into a stationary (mercury) sphere
  • Storage of Min/Max and selected CV potential-current information.
  • Can immediately observe the concentration profile at the completion of the CV without running CV-The Movie.
  • Enhanced Toolbar.
  • Can save concentration profiles at a selected time in the CV.
  • Can move to the previous as well as the next CV when there are several CVs in a simulation document.

Installation instructions

If you are updating the version of DigiSim on your computer, please uninstall the older version before installing the newest version. Be sure that the dongle is NOT plugged into the computer during the installation of the software.

  • Run DigiSim-303b-setup.exe
  • The Install Shield Wizard will guide you through the installation.
  • Once the DigiSim Windows program is installed, the Install Wizard will automatically start the installation of the dongle driver.
  • Once the driver has been installed, the PC must be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.

Opening DigiSim

When DigiSim is opened, the opening menu showing the DigiSim logo should be displayed. The basic operations of DigiSim (running a simulation, CV - the MovieTM, and fitting experimental data) are discussed in a number of tutorials. These are supplemented by a comprehensive set of Help files.

Dongle Exchange Service

Many newer computers do not have parallel ports, thus older parallel keys will not work. These parallel keys can be exchange for USB keys, for a price. Please contact BASi for details and pricing.


If you have any questions regarding the installation and operation of this software, please contact BASi.

Download DigiSim 3.03b - updated 11/08/13