Sensit Series

The Sensit Series contains the world smallest ready-to-go potentiostats available on the market. The Sensit Smart can be directly inserted in a smartphone or tablet and controlled via the Android app PStouch. The Sensit BT connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and can be controlled via the Android app PStouch. You can use the USB-C Female to USB-A cable to connect the Sensit Series to a classic USB port on your PC and control via our PC software PSTrace.

The Sensit Smart comes with:

  • Dummy Cell (SPE version)
  • SPE to screw-terminal adapter
  • USB-C Female to USB-A cable
  • USB-C Female to Micro USB adapter
  • USB-C port protector
  • PSTrace software for Windows (activation code for
  • PStouch app for Android (find it in the Google Play Store)

Techniques available with PSTrace and PSTouch Software (included with the instrument):

  • Linear Sweep Voltammetry
  • Cyclic Voltammetry
  • Square Wave Voltammetry
  • Differential Pulse Voltammetry
  • Normal Pulse Voltammetry
  • Chronoamperometry
  • Pulsed Amperometric Detection
  • Open Circuit Potentiometry
  • MultiStep Amperometry
  • Scanning or fixed frequency mode EIS


Sensit Smart Potentiostat for Smartphone, Tablet and PC

 Part Number  Description
 PALM-SENSIT-BT-SNS  Sensit Bluetooth Sensor
 PALM-SENSIT-BT-SPE  Sensit Bluetooth Screen Printed Electrode

Other Accessories

Screen Printed Electrodes

The Sensit Smart works in three different modes;
Low Speed mode: for scan rates up to 1 V/s or a bandwidth of 100 Hz.
High Speed mode: for high scan rates and frequencies.
Max Range mode: a combination of the Low and High Speed modes for optimal dynamic dc-potential range

 General  Low Speed Mode  High Speed Mode  Max Range Mode
 Full DC-potential range   -1.2V to +2 V  -1.7 to +2 V  -1.7 to +2 V
 Dynamic DC-potential range 1  2.2 V  1.2 V  2.6 V
 Compliance voltage -2.0 V to +2.3 V  -2.0 V to +2.3 V  -2.0 V to +2.3 V 
 Maximum current ±3 mA  ±3 mA ±3 mA
 Max. acquisition rate (datapoints/s)  100  1000  100
 Supports FRA/EIS  No Yes  No


 Potentiostat (controlled Potential Mode)  Low Speed Mode 

 High Speed  Mode

 Max Range  Mode

 Applied DC-potential   resolution   537 µV
 395 µV
 932 µV
 Applied DC-potential   resolution  < 0.2%
 < 0.5%
 < 0.5%
 Available current   ranges

 100 nA, 2 uA, 4 uA, 8
 uA,16  uA, 32 uA,63   uA, 125 uA, 250 uA, 500   uA, 1 mA,
 5  mA
100 nA, 1 uA, 6 uA, 13 uA, 25 uA,  50 uA, 100  uA, 200 uA, 1 mA, 5 mA

 100 nA, 1 uA, 6 uA, 13 uA, 25   uA, 50 uA, 200 uA, 1 mA,           5  mA

 Measured current   resolution 

 0.006% of selected current range (5.5 pA on 100 nA range)

Measured potential resolution (for OCP)  56 µV

FRA/EIS (impedance measurements)

 Frequency range  0.016 Hz to 200 kHz
 AC-amplitude range  1 mV to 0.25 V rms, or 0.708 V peak-peak