ISF Sampling in Dermal and Adipose Tissue - dOFM and aOFM

dOFM – dermal OFM

  • Linear push-pull type probes that are membrane free wih macroscopic openings
  • Used for sampling of Peptides, Proteins, Antibodies, Lipophilic Substances, Bound and Unbound Drugs, Transporters, Enzymes, Nanocarriers, Vesicles and Cells
  • Concentrations and action of dermatological drugs (PK/PD) are measured directly in the dermis.
  • Transport and effects of drugs are monitored after topical or systemic application (e.g., topical glucocorticoids and systemic antibodies in psoriatic or inflammatory animal models).

aOFM – adipose OFM

  • Concentrations and action of drugs (PK/PD) are measured directly in adipose tissue.
  • Independent of the mode of administration (oral, subcutaneous, topical, intravenous or other).
  • Can be combined with glucose-clamp techniques to investigate e.g. insulin sensitivity as well as insulin concentrations and the effects in subcutaneous tissue.


  • All a/dOFM supplies are gamma-irradiated (sterile).


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ISF Sampling in Dermal and Adipose Tissue – dOFM and aOFM

Microperfusion Pump and Accessories

 Item Number  Item Description  Specifications

 Microperfusion Pump Preclinical

 2 x 3 channels

  • Push and pull option integrated in one pump
  • 2 independent controllable pump heads
  • 6 channels (3 per pump head)
  • Up to 3 push and 3 pull channels
  • Standard flow rates: 0.1 - 10 µL/min
  • No flow-rate calibration necessary
  • Attachable to large animals (dog, pig & primate)
  • Perfusion buffer delivered in an enclosed, sealed and gamma irradiated bag
  • Compatible low bind tubing set​  

    Adjustable flow rates: 0.1 - 10μl/min flow rate (with an accuracy of ± 20%)
    0.1μl/min at 0.1 – 2.0μl/min flow rate
    0.2μl/min at 2.0 – 5.0μl/min flow rate
    0.5μl/min at 5.0 – 10.0μl/min flow rate
    Typical operating time (with a new battery): up to 48 hours at 1.0μl/min and up to 24 hours at 10μl/min.
    Display: LCD with backlight
    Dimensions: 130 x 92 x 34.5mm
    Total weight: 295g excl. battery and accessories.
    Ambient operating temperature: 5 to 40°C

  • Power Supply with main supply or primary battery 
  • Includes power supply
  • Battery not included

 Microperfusion Pump at a glance


 Perfusate Bag- 10 ml

 (pack of 3)

  •  For use with OFM-Pump
  •  Ready for connection to up to 3 push channels
  •  Can be used with single channel OFM-P-110  or 3 channel  OFM-P3-110 push inlet tubings 
  •  Bag can be placed into OFM-Pump or externally 
  •  Perfusate not included

Standard a/d OFM Probe

 Item Number  Item Description  Specifications
 a/d OFM-P-15 

 Linear OFM Probe for   Skin and Adipose Tissue 

 (pack of 3)

  • Inert & low adsorptive polymer, outer diameter 0.55 mm; inner diameter 0.40 mm, exchange area 15 mm
  • Shaft length: 200 mm
  • Includes Mandrel (stainless steel)
  • Customized diameters available upon request Ask BASi

 Standard a/d OFM Tubing Sets

 Item Number  Item Description  Specifications

 Flanged Tubing Connectors - clear
 (pack of 20)

  • Soak connectors in 70% ethanol prior to use. Connectors easily slide on, and then shrink as the alcohol evaporates.

 (not gamma-irradiated by default, can be gas sterilized upon request when ordering)

Raturn and Caging Options

 MD-1404  Raturn Microdialysis Stand-Alone System - rat
 MD-1409  Raturn Microdialysis Stand-Alone System - mouse 
 AMD-R Raturn
  Raturn compatible cages 

Automated Refrigerated Fraction Collection 

 MD-1201  Refrigerated Dual Channel Fraction Collector
 MD-1202U  Refrigerated Single Channel Fraction Collector 


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BASi can assist you with setting up your own OFM platform in your lab. Contact us with your request.
Contact us if you are interested in outsourcing a preclinical OFM study with Joanneum Research.
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a/dOFM Instructional Videos:

Inserting a/d OFM-P-15

OFM Open Flow Microperfusion Pump Battery Handling

OFM Open Flow Microperfusion Perfusate Bag Handling

OFM Open Flow Microperfusion Tubing Set Insertion Into Pump