Microperfusion Pump ( MPP102 PC)

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-Push and pull option integrated in one pump
-2 independent controllable pump heads
-6 channels (3 per pump head)
-Up to 3 push and 3 pull channels
-Standard flow rates: 0.1 - 10 µL/min
-No flow-rate calibration necessary
-Attachable to large animals (dog, pig & primate)
-Perfusion buffer delivered in an enclosed, sealed and gamma irradiated bag
-Compatible low bind tubing set​
-Power Supply with main supply or primary battery
-Includes power supply
-Battery not included

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Instructional Video For Inserting Tubing Set Into OFM-PUMP:

Instructional Video For Battery Handling For OFM-PUMP:

Category: Open Flow Microperfusion

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