Raturn Movement Response System for Rats, Mice and Similar-Sized Rodents

The BASi® Raturn system utilizes a unique, movement-responsive action to prevent the tangling of inlet and outlet lines. This unique system allows the running of contiguous lines to your animal, and maintains the integrity of catheters, infusion lines, liquid lines, cables (electrical wires), optical fibers and other connections between an animal and devices external to the cage. It can be used in any experimental setting in place of a liquid swivel and/or a commutator.

  • A counter-balanced arm and tethering system keep experiment lines out of the animal’s reach, while permitting the animal to move freely.
  • The tethered subject has 280° of rotation before it activates the optical sensor, which causes the cage to gently counter-rotate.
  • In addition, the Raturn Activity Monitor collects rearing and left & right rotational behavior from up to 4 Raturns at once.

BASi offers several different Raturn configurations to suit your experimental needs. Our Raturn systems have been used for several years at thousands of university labs, pharmas and CROs in a wide range of in-life laboratory applications including:

  • Automated blood sampling
  • In vivo microdialysis
  • Live animal infusion
  • Other in vivo sampling or recording
  • Live animal infusion or sampling combining general behavioral observation and monitoring/scoring
  • Behavioral pharmacology and neuroscience, including in vivo electrophysiology and optogenetics

Raturn is compatible with any of BASi’s cages. Customization to Raturns or cages can be made by BASi. See how the Raturn differs from a liquid swivel.