AMD-R Raturn System

BASi’s Raturn is a movement response caging system that is designed for use with tether-based applications in awake animals.  Used as an alternative to a liquid swivel or commutator, the Raturn responds to animal movement to keep wires, tubing, fluid lines and cables from twisting.

  • Reduce stress with less animal handing
  • Eliminate swivels and commutators
  • Combine multiple fluid or electrical lines
  • AMD-R systems are designed to keep pumps and collectors close to the animal minimizing dead volume
  • Use with BASi round, stackable or universal cages

The Raturn consists of a turntable and drive mechanism connected to a control box.  The rat or mouse is placed into a cage (sold separately) and tethered to a counterbalance arm.  The animal can move up to 280° before activating the optical sensor, causing the cage to counter rotate to prevent twisting.  The customizable AMD-R system includes a framed stand convenient for holding syringe pumps and fraction collectors.  The optional Raturn Activity Monitoring System easily integrates with the Raturn to observe changes in locomotor activity following treatments.  Metabolic floor inserts also available for collection of metabolic waste products.

BASI’s Raturn systems are used in academic and pharmaceutical laboratories and CROs in a wide range of applications including:

  • In vivo Microdialysis
  • Blood Collection
  • Optogenetics
  • Infusion and Biosensor Implants
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • ECG
  • Locomotor Activity Analysis

AMD-R Raturn



 Automated Microdialysis Sytem w/Raturn 
 System includes:
 Aluminum Stand
 Raturn - turntable and control box

Choose your Balance arm/Tether based on species and cage type:

 MD-1455R  Balance arm/Rat Tether MD-1455R for Universal Cage and Stackable Cage
 MW-1510M  Balance arm/Mouse Tether CX-1214 for Universal Cage 
 MW-1502M     Balance arm/Mouse Tether for MD-1460R Stackable Cage and Mouse Metabolic  Cage
 MF-5371  Rat Collars
 MD-1365  Mouse Collars

Order Raturn compatible cages separately

Optional Parts:

 MD-1410  Raturn Activity Monitor
 CX-224  Side Shelf Accessory
     Optional parts for Metabolic Collections:
 CX-221  Metabolism Stand  (this part is not needed if using (CX-222 cart configuration)
 MD-221  Metabolic Accessory Holder
 CX-222  Floor Base Accessory with Wheels (cart configuration)
 CX-1400   I-Cup Reusable Chilling Chamber 
 CX-1211  42 mL Capped Urine Collection Vials
 PL-4000  20 mL Scintillation Vials

Replacement Parts:

 MF-2050  O-zone-resistant o-rings for Raturn motor (3 per pack)
 CX-1215  Raturn Replacement Sensor Flag for Tether Arm
 MD-1455  Rat Tether for Universal Cage and Stackable Cage
 CX-1214R  Mouse Tether for Universal Cage 
 MD-1460R  Mouse Tether for Stackable Cage and Mouse Metabolic Cage
 MF-5371  Rat Collars
 MD-1365  Mouse Collars

The Raturn is set at an "optimized rotational speed."  If you would like to adjust to a different speed of rotation, please contact BASi.