BASi syringe pumps are modular systems that consist of a Syringe Drive and a Syringe Drive Controller. Two controller configurations are available for use with Syringe Drives: the Worker Bee and the Bee Hive. The Worker Bee Controller controls one Baby Bee syringe drive. The Bee Hive Controller provides the capability to independently control up to four Baby Bee Syringe Drives.  Each Baby Bee Syringe Drive can hold one syringe.  However the number of syringes per Syringe Drive can be increased up to three when used with the optional bracket (MD-1002). Further the Controller and the Drives are connected to each other by cables of different lengths offering spatial flexibility. These modular options make BASi's Syringe Pump not only flexible and powerful, but also very cost-effective. The Controllers and the Syringe Drives are sold separately. 

If you are a first time buyer of BASi’s Bee pump, please note that the controller (either Worker Bee or Bee Hive) and the Baby Bee Syringe Drive together comprises a pump unit and therefore both pieces must be purchased together.

The pumps can be used with Gas tight syringes but commonly available disposable plastic syringes can also be used.

In addition to the Bee pumps, BASi also offers a flexible Microperfusion Peristaltic Push/Pull Pump and a computer controlled EMPIS Infusion Pump.

Application: Infusion, Microdialysis