Thin Film Micro-electrode Array Electrodes

mSE1: Thin-film Micro-electrode Array Electrodes; Working Electrode Dia.- 1 mm

The Thin-film technologies enable the development of small microstructures (<25 μm) with high resolution and precision on glass substrate. A microelectrode array (MEA) based on pinholes with a honeycomb microstructure can be manufactured on a single Working Electrode. MX-ED-IDE-CABLE can be used to connect them to any potentiostat.
 Part Number  Description

 Micro Holes Dia. 

 Micro Holes Pitch   Micro Holes Number
 MX-ED-mSE-5-   Pt  WE-CE-RE: Platinum  5 µm  50  µm  500
 MX-ED-mSE-10-   Pt  WE-CE-RE: Platinum  10 µm  100 µm  90
 MX-ED-mSE-5-   Au  WE-CE-RE: Gold   5 µm  50 µm  500
MX-ED-mSE-10-   Au  WE-CE-RE: Gold  10 µm  100 µm  90
 MX-ED-mSE-10-   Au  WE-CE-RE: Gold  10 µm  100 µm  90
 MX-ED-IDE-   CABLE  Cable Connector for interdigitated Ring Array, Interdigitated, interdigitated micro-array and   micro-array electrodes