Glovebox Feed-through Cable

An inert atmosphere is often required for electrochemical experiments when studying oxygen-sensitive or moisture-sensitive compounds. A common means to accomplish this is to work inside a glove box. However, the leak-proof feed-through cables required for connection between the external electrochemical instrument and the internal cell through the wall of the glove box can be a problem. A relatively simple and inexpensive solution is to mount a sealed LEMO feed-through connector to the wall of the glove box (F1). The panel cutout is shown in F2, but a 12.1 (+0.1, -0) mm diameter round hole will work as well. The female-to-female feed-through connector is air-tight and has an O-ring compression seal to the wall of the glove box. A short (2ft.) extension cable (free male LEMO to free female LEMO connector) is included and must be plugged inside the glove box. This short cable is required to correct the “crossing of lines” that occurs in the LEMO feed-through connector. The feed-through and extension cables accept standard BASi® cell lead cables.

External connection between an instrument and feed-through is via a Lemo to Lemo cable. Our standard length cable (EW-7524) is 4 feet long. Longer cables are available as special order.


Figure 1. LEMO feed-through connector

Figure 2. Panel cutout for feed-through connector


Ordering Information:

Part # Description
EW-3000 Glove Box Feed-Through Cable
Special Order Lemo to Lemo cable, available as 6' or 8' length

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