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Bulk Electrolysis Cell

Bulk Electrolysis Cell

This cell is designed for the complete electrolysis of a solution species. Typical uses include determination of the number of electrons transferred per molecule, the absolute amount of an analyte, or electrosynthesis of a small amount (typically milligram quantities) of a new material. Components of the complete package are shown in the figure below.

Bulk Electrolysis Cell


  • Complete electrolysis of electroactive species in solution
  • Large surface-area reticulated vitreous carbon working electrode
  • Optional platinum gauze working electrode
  • Use for small-scale (< 75 mL) electrosynthesis studies
  • Monitor extent of reaction using BASi® stationary voltammetry electrodes


Standard unit Includes all components in above diagram
Capacity 75 mL of sample solution in standard glass vial or optional water-jacketed vial
Working Electrode Reticulated Vitreous Carbon (RVC) (platinum gauze is also available - please inquire)
Auxiliary Electrode Coiled 23 cm platinum wire within a fritted glass isolation chamber
Reference Electrode RE-5B Ag/AgCl reference electrode
Port Plug Blocks access port for dispensing of reagents, or venting of cell

Ordering Information

Bulk Electrolysis Cell Kit
Part Number Description



Bulk Electrolysis Cell Kit:
  Standard 100-mL glass cell vial (MR-1195)
  Teflon Cell Top (MR-1199) 
  Stir bar (ER-9132)
  Reticulated vitreous carbon working electrode (MF-2077)
  RE-5B Ag/AgCl reference electrode (MF-2052)
  Coiled platinum auxiliary electrode (MW-1033)
  Auxiliary electrode chamber (MR-1196)
  O-ring for auxiliary electrode chamber (MR-1236)
  Bushing for auxiliary electrode (MR-1198)
  Port plug (MW-1034)
  Tubing, 1/16” OD Teflon (MF-1035)
Bulk Electrolysis Cell Components
Part Number Description
 ER-9132  Stir bar
 NM-D001  Platinum Gauze Working Electrode 
 MF-1035  Tubing - TFE Teflon - 1/16" OD
 MF-2052  RE-5B Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode
 MF-2077  Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Electrode
 MR-1194  Water-Jacketed Glass Cell Vial
 MR-1195  Standard 100-mL Glass Cell Vial
 MR-1196  Auxiliary Electrode Chamber (Glass)
 MR-1198  Auxiliary Electrode Bushing
 MR-1199  Cell Top (Teflon)
 MR-1236  O-ring for Auxiliary Electrode Chamber
 MW-1033  Coiled Platinum Auxiliary Electrode
 MW-1034  Port Plug