Thin Film Interdigitated Ring Array Electrodes

IDRA: Thin film Interdigitated Ring-array Electrodes on Glass

Thin-film technologies open the gate to develop special microelectrodes designs. Interdigitated ring array (IDRA) electrodes bring a radial design specially focused on flow systems. The working electrode consists of two radial arrays of microelectrodes with an interdigitated approach.
 Part Number  Description   Width   Gap   No. of Feet
 MX-ED-IDRA1-Pt  Thin Film Interdigitated Ring Array Electrdoes - Platinun  10 µm  10 µm  12
 MX-ED-IDRA1-Au  Thin Film Interdigitated Ring Array Electrodes - Gold   10 µm  10 µm  12
 MX-ED-IDE-CABLE  Cable connector for Interdigitated Ring Array Electrodes, Interdigitated, Interdigitated micro-array and   micro-array electrodes