Thin Film Interdigitated Electrodes

IDE: Thin-Film Interdigitated Electrodes on Glass

Thin-film technologies enable the fabrication of microelectrodes (<25 µm) with high resolution and precision. The most basic interdigitated electrodes (IDE) consist of two individually addressable microelectrode array strips with an interdigitated approach. These lineal-band electrodes have been specially designed in a circular cell to work with very small sample drops (< 10 µL). The sample drop shape is well-adapted to the electrode cell to get the maximum performance and precision. The interdigitated electrodes (IDE) provide a suitable tool especially useful for impedance, capacitance, and conductivity measurements as well as fuel cells. Different interdigitated electrode (IDE) designs are available in platinum or gold.
 Part Number  Description   Width  Gap   No. of Feet 
 MX-ED-IDE1-Pt  Thin Film Interdigitated elecctrode - Platinum  10 µm  10 µm  90 
 MX-ED-IDE1-Au  Thin Film Interdigitated electrode - Gold  10 µm  5 µm  120
 MX-ED-IDE3-Pt  Thin Film Interdigitated electrode - Platinum  10 µm  5 µm  120
 MX-ED-IDE2-Au  Thn Film Interdigitated electrode - Gold  5 µm  5 µm  180
 MX-ED-IDE-CABLE  Cable connector for Interdigitated Ring Array, Interdigitated, Interdigitated Micro-array, and Micro-array   electrodes