Thin Film Electrodes

SE1: Thin Film Electrodes: Typical Three-Electrode SPE Configuration; WE Dia. - 1mm

The inherent properties of the thin-film (micro) electrodes such as low cost & disposables, reusable, high fabrication resolution, high sensitivity, low reagent consumption as well as non-tedious pre-cleaning procedures provide a suitable tool for multiple applications. We provide metal-based (micro)electrodes fabricated by thin-film technologies on a Glass substrate in customizable designs and materials. A SU-8 resin protective layer is used to delimit the electrochemical cell enabling the use of very small sample volume.
 Part Number   Description
 MX-ED-SE1-Pt  WE: 1 mm diameter
 WE-CE-RE Platinum
 SU-8 resin protective layer used
 MX-ED-SE1-Au  WE: 1 mm diameter
 WE-CE-RE: Platinum
 SU-8 resin protecive layer used
 MX-ED-SE1-AuPt  WE: 1 mm diameter
 CE-RE: Platinum Electrode
 MX-ED-SPE-CABLE  Cable connector for thick film electrodes 
 MX-ED-SPE-BOX  Drop test (20-50 µL) Interface Box for Thick Film Electrodes