Thick Film Electrodes

S1PE/S2PE: Thick Film Electrodes: Typical Three-Electrode SPE Configuration; WE Dia. – 3 mm

This screen-printed electrode configuration has three electrodes and is formed on a flexible and high resist PET substrate. The diameter of the Working Electrode (WE) is 3.00 mm. These low-cost and disposable electrochemical sensors enable the use of small sample volume (20 – 50 µL). Thick-film carbon-based electrodes show an excellent electrochemical behavior with a good intra- and inter-electrode reproducibility. Also available in dual electrode format. The MX-ED-SPE-CABLE and MX-ED-SPE-BOX are appropriate adapters for these sensors.

 Part Number
 MX-ED-S1PE-C  Thick-film single electrodes (WE-CE:/RE:Ag)
 MX-ED-D2PE-C  Thick-film Carbon dual electrdodes (WE-CE: C/RE:Ag) 
MX-ED-SPE-CABLE Cable connector for thick film electrdoes
 MX-ED-SPE-BOX  Drop test (20-50 µL) Interface Box for Thick Film Electrodes