Swivel Based Microdialysis System

  • The BASi® swivel based microdialysis system comes in various configurations to suit your specific experimental needs
  • Ideal for both rats and mice (or similar sized rodents)
  • Option to include metabolic collections

Liquid swivels provide a simplistic approach to awake animal infusion and sampling. If you desire more flexibility in your experimental design options, or would like to monitor animal behavior while sampling, then find out more about the Raturn® Sampling Caging system.  View a comparison of Liquid Swivels and the Raturn.

  • The BASi® swivel based system comes in two configurations. 
  • A basic MD-XXXX configuration in which the balance arm and tether is mounted to the cage wall and the cage is placed directly on a lab bench.
  • The MD-1570 configuration includes a cage holder and a mount for the balance arm/tether.  This allows the cage to be easily removed without affecting other components (balance arm/tether/tubings, etc.).  It also eliminates the chances of the cage being displaced during the study.
  • The MD-1570 BASi® swivel based system includes the base, cage, dual channel swivel, balanced arm, vials and tubing.
  • Create swivel connections with almost any pump, tubing, or collector.
  • Tether includes two holders to hold vials in place while collecting samples
  • Uses MD-1570 Teflon Swivel System
    • Swept volumes of 4.5 µL and ~ 1.5 µL for the swivel side and center channels respectively.
    • Recommended swivel for retrodialysis studies









 Liquid Swivel-based sampling containment system for awake animals
 System includes:
 MD-1425 Base Unit
 MD-1420 Round Bottom Bowl with access panel
 MD-1515 Lid for Round Bottom Bowl
 MD-1505 Dual Channel Teflon Lined Liquid Swivel
 MD-1501/MD-1509 Balance Arm with Tether
 MF-5371 Rat Collars or MD-1365 Mouse Collars
 CX-5000 Water tube
 MF-5164 FEP Tubing
 MD-1510 Flanged Tubing Connectors
 MD-1515  Culex/Raturn - Lid for round bottom bowl
 MF-5371  Culex/Raturn - Rat Collars 100/PK
 MD-1501  Replacement Balance Arm
 MD-1505  Teflon-lined 2-channel liquid swivel
 MD-1509  Tether wire assembly with vial support
 MD-1510  Flanged tubing connectors - clear
 MD-5271  250 uL plastic sample vials - 6 x 35 mm
 MF-5164  FEP Teflon tubing-0.65mm OD x 0.12mm ID, microdialysis



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