CGME - Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode

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Cell Stand with Magnetic Stirrer and Gas Purge Utilities w/Accessories Kit

CGME includes:
ER-9517 Control Cable
Power cable
MR-3818 Cell Top

CGME cell accessories kit includes:
ER-9132 Teflon coated stir bar (1)
MF-1028 Replacement valve seal
MF-2052 RE-5B Ag/AgCl (3M NaCl) reference electrode (3)
MF-2069 Mercury collector rod (1)
MF-2090 Beveled glass capillary – 150µm (2)
MF-1208 Glass voltammetry cell vial (12)
Low volume cell vial (2) (reorder using MF-1084 Low volume cell vial (6))
MW-1032 Platinum wire aux electrode (1)
MW-1034 Cell top plug (1)
MW-4601 Mercury trap (1)
MF-7150 Vacuum priming pump accessory (1)
MR-5023 Syringe - 5 mL (1)
MR-5275 Reference electrode storage vial with cap (1)
MR-3850 CGME spill tray (1)

MF-2062 Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrode kit
EF-1352 Calomel reference electrode
EF-1369 Alkaline reference electrode
EF-1354 Chloride free reference electrode
MF-2063 Copper/copper sulfate reference electrode (1)

CGME Manual

Please note that mercury is not included with the CGME due to shipping regulations. Please purchase triply- distilled or quadruply-distilled mercury from a company that is licensed to ship mercury.

Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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