RDE-2 Rotating Disk Electrode

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Cell Stand with Gas Purge Capabilities w/Accessories Kit

RDE-2 Includes:
Power Cord (please specify power requirements)
RDE-2 Power Cable
RDE-2 Accessories Cable
ER-9862 – Epsilon EClipse Cell Stand Cable (if you do not have an Epsilon EClipse please let us know the make and model of your potentiostat if you have one)
ER-7526 Control Cable 37 Pin Female to 37 Pin Male (1)

RDE Cell Stand Accessories Kit includes:
MF-1208 Glass Cell Vial (12)
MF-1998 Cell Lead Clips Kit (1)
MF-2052 RE-5B Ag/AgCl (3M NaCl) Reference Electrode (3)
MF-2060 PK-4 Polishing Kit (1)
MR-4404 Gas Inlet Barb Fitting (1)
MR-5275 Reference Electrode Storage Vial w/Cap (1)
MW-1033 Coiled Platinum Wire Auxiliary Electrode for RDE (1)
MW-1034 Cell Top Plug (1)
MF-2066 Glassy Carbon Electrode (3.0 mm Diameter) for RDE (1)
MW-2130 RDE Shaft Assembly
MR-3839 Cell Top

Other Accessories
 MR-3938 - Cell base for RDE-2 cell stand
 MR-3989 - Offset cell cap for RDE-2 cell stand
 MF-2166 - RDE Carbon Steel Metal Insert
 MF-2166-XL - RDE Carbon Steel Metal Insert
MF-2165 - RDE Double-threaded Electrode Body
MF-2165-XL - RDE Double-threaded Electrode Body
MR-1194  - 100 mL water-jacketed glass cell
MR-1195 - 100mL glass cell
MF-1051 - Standard Electrochemical Cell
MF-1054 - Water-jacketed Standard Electrochemical Cell

Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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