PK-4 Electrode Polishing Kit

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Kit includes:
Electrode modifier- fine grit polishing pads (5)
Diamond polishing pads (white, nylon) (10)
Alumina polishing pads (tan, velvet) (5)
MF-2128 Polishing glass plate (2)
MF-2051 Electrode modifier - coarse diamond polish - 15 µm(1) SDS PDF
MF-2059 Electrode modifier - fine diamond polish - 3 µm (1) SDS PDF
MF-2054 Electrode modifier - ultrafine diamond polish - 1 µm (1) SDS PDF
CF-1050 Electrode modifier - polishing alumina (1) SDS PDF

Replacement Polishing Pads:
MF-1043 Electrode modifier - fine grit polishing pads (20/pk)
MF-2058 Diamond polishing pads (20/pk)
MF-1040 Alumina polishing pads (20/pk)

How to polish your electrode - Video

Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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