Cell base for cell stand

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This new cell base for the RDE-2 cell stand has been designed to fit a 100-mL standard or water-jacketed electrochemical cell while performing electrochemical measurements with the RDE-2.* The cell base is made of Teflon that is heat-resistant and durable. The “dip” enables perfect fit and allow your water-jacketed vial to sit snugly on the bottom stand so that mechanical movements will not necessarily disturb your setup. Pair with the new offset cell cap (MR-3989) to obtain a full set-up that enables higher volume RDE-2 measurements.
* Requires removal of the stainless-steel stand that’s currently screwed onto the RDE-2 (see photo 2nd image)

Use with EF-1100, MR-1194, MR-1195, MF-1054, MF-1051, MF-1060, MF-1056, MR-3989

Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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