IP-PECHC50: Fully Equipped Photo-electrochemical H-Cell (50 ml Volume)

The IP-PECHC50 is a fully equipped, horizontally mounted and a dual compartment H-Cell set-up with an additional quartz window (light input port diameter: 20 mm) for studies in photo-based electrocatalysis such as Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER), Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER), and more. The construction is gas-tight having two separate chambers, each equipped with gas inlet and outlet. This allows bubbling the solution and evacuating gases. Chambers can be separated with an ion-exchange membrane (DuPont’s Nafion® membrane - not included in the price), so the electrochemical products appearing at working and counter electrode do not affect the opposite electrode.

Available Volumes: 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1000 mL

Customization Options: YES. Photo anode and photo-cathode configurations possible.

Includes: Glass reservoirs with three-electrode set-up (2), Quartz window (1), Spacer (2), Grip nuts (2), Screws (2), Purge adaptor (2), Teflon support holder (2), Top silicon dummy (4), Plugs (6), Silicon tube 0.5 meters (4), Silicon septa (6)

Related applications:

•             Photo- Electrochemical water splitting – Hydrogen generation

•             Electro-chromism and Photo-chromism

•             ECL Intensity studies

•             Spectro-electrochemistry

•             Solar Cell Applications

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Recommended Optional Items: Reference Electrodes (Aqueous or Non-Aqueous), Working Electrode, Auxiliary (Counter) Electrodes, MF-2024: Working electrode (flat samples like ITO) holder.

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