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The Empis is a computer controlled automated infusion device. The Empis can be used for several applications including Microdialysis, drug delivery, infusion / perfusion, and automated bile collection. 

  • Steady-state infusion
  • Pump refills automatically for long-term infusions and in vivo microdialysis
  • Flexible programing options through a computer controlled software (time, flow rates, etc.)
  • The software controls 4 Empis pumps (12 controlled syringes) from a single Windows program
  • Flow rates can be set from 0.5µL to 2000µL/min with 0.1µL increments
  • No liquid swivels required when used with Raturn
  • In addition EMPIS has an integrated Animal Activity Monitor and therefore can collect Activity Data when used with Raturn

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  • Microdialysis

Empis can be used for Automated Drug Infusion in PK studies.  Click here for details.
Click here for all other EMPIS applications.

Empis Accessories

 CX-7040S  Empis Sterile Microdialysis Tubing Set
 CX-5050  Empis Replacement Waste Tube



Mesurements:4.5” wide x 12” deep x 8.5” tall (24” tall with bag hanger)

Computer requirements:  Windows XP or later. USB port required (up to four stations per computer with USB hub).