Raturn Animal Activity Monitor

  • Compatible with all BASi Raturn systems.
  • Collects information on animal movement when an animal is tethered in a Raturn Sampling Caging System. The monitor records frequency and duration of clockwise, counterclockwise, and rearing activity.
  • Species: Rats, mice or similar-sized rodents.
  • User-defined time intervals summarize activity data to your specifications.
  • Collect the type of data you want, including left rotation, right rotation, rearing, or all.
  • Easily import data to your spreadsheet or database for manipulation.
  • One activity monitor collects data from up to four Raturn systems.

Any indication that could use animal activity behavior as a surrogate pharmacodynamic marker.

E.g. psychomotor effects, circadian variation, stress, analgesia, activity phenotype, animal acclimation period

  • Simultaneous recording of animal’s activity data while performing brain microdialysis and/or automated blood sampling
  • Correlation of animal’s activity data with Neurotransmitter release or extracellular levels of other markers
  • Capture unexpected psychomotor changes of test compounds following treatments
  • Facilitates activity correlations with other parameters, such as drug administration, body temperature or bile flow


  • Activity Monitor interfaces between your PC and up to four Raturn controllers.
  • All necessary cables are included. PC not included.

Part numbers and ordering information:

 MD-1410  Raturn Animal Activity Monitor

Order Raturn System of your choice separately.

The activity monitor does not increase the footprint of your Raturn System.