Automated Dual-Channel Refrigerated Fraction Collector

  • Perfect for microdialysis, open flow microperfusion and other in vivo sampling.
  • Ability to collect samples from two probes or two animals.
  • Compatible with any probe or tubing set.
  • Keeps your samples refrigerated at 4°C.
  • Up to 47 active vial positions.
  • Reproducibly collect 5µL to 200µL samples.
  • Easy programming of sampling interval, number of samples, cooling on/off, and optional delay start via front panel key pad and LCD.
  • Open architecture allows removal or replacement of vials during operation.
  • Compact configuration that occupies minimal bench space.


  • Microdialysis
  • Open Flow Microperfusion
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Other in vivo sample collections

Collection Needle:

  1. Stainless Steel - Passivated (MW-2310)
    • Collects samples into open or capped resealing vials
    • Fixed Height and recommended to be used with BASi's glass vials MF-5270 or polyethylene vials MF-5281 
    • When collecting samples in to vials with closed caps, use vials and caps that are supplied by BASi only
    • If you use a non–BASi vial, collect samples in to open vials only (remove caps completely and do not leave it dangling, as it might affect the needle function) 
  1. Peek (MD-1324)
    • Height adjustable and can be used with any vial type that accommodates carousel MW-2304 or MW-2307
    • Ideal for molecules that are sticky or have large molecular weight (e.g., peptides)
    • Collects samples into uncapped vials only


  1. MW-2304 Carousel for BAS’s Borosilicate Glass Vials – accommodates BASi’s Borosilicate Glass Vial MF-5270
  2. MW-2307 Carousel for BASi’s Polyethylene Vials – accommodates BASi’s Polyethylene Vial MF-5281 
  3. Entire carousel can be removed easily for transfer of vials to storage or another process
  • Others – Waste Tubing to securely drain liquid condensation waste (You will hardly notice any liquid waste during routine operations)



 MD-1201  Refrigerated Dual Channel Fraction Collector
 Includes: (1 each)
 MW-2304 Glass Vial Carousel
 MW-2310 Sampling Needle

Pick and choose the carousel/sampling needle based on your requirements:

 MW-2304  Carousel for MF-5270 Glass Vials (6x32mm)
 MW-2307  Carousel for MF-5281  Polyethylene Sample Vials (6x35mm)
 MW-2310  Passivated Metal Sampling Needle (requires 2 per fraction collector)
 MD-1324  Height Adjustable PEEK Sampling Needle 

Replacement Parts:

 MD-1325  Replacement PEEK and Needle Holder for Sampling Needle MD-1324
 MW-4550   Replacement Waste Tubing

Compatable vials, caps and accessories:

 MF-5281      250µL Polyethylene Sample Vials (6x35mm), 1,000/pkg.
 MF-5270  300µL Borosilicate Glass Sample Vials (6x32mm), 1,000/pkg. 
 MF-5272                 Caps with Resealing Double-Sided Teflon/Silicone Crimp Seals for Glass (MF-5270) and   Polyethylene (MF-5281 ) Vials, 1,000/pkg
 MF-5274  Crimper for MF-5272 Caps with Resealing Seals
 MF-5273  Plastic Caps for Glass (MF-5270
 MF-5283   Silicone Push Cap for MF-5281 

Order other CHADS separately (CHADS vial labeling system)

Total number of vial positions/samples:

47 if you collect samples from one probe or one animal at a time (one resting/waste vial position ‘W’)
23 if you collect samples from two probes or two animals at a time (two resting/waste vial positions ‘47 and W’)

Sampling Carousel: Options include 6x32mm, 6x35mm, and 6.5x2.05mm vials
Carousel Capacity: 48 position (47 sample/1 waste)
Standard Vial Type: 6x32mm, Round Bottom, Borosilicate Glass, Cap Optional
Optinonal Vial Type 1: 6x35mm, Plastic Sample Vial (requires separate carousel), Cap Optional
Optional Vial Type 2: 6.5x20.5mm, Low Bind Plasic (requires separate carousel), Uncapped
Refrigeration Temperature: 4° C- Can be turned on and off
Sampling Cannula: 316 Stainless Steel  Needle with Air Bleed Cannula.  Internal volume 7.1uL.
Cannula Option 1: Adjustable PEEK needle assembly for uncapped vials 
Cannula Option 2: Short needle for use with 6.5x20.5mm vials
Refrigeration Method: Thermoelectric
Method Setup: Front Panel LCD Display
Sample Time: Time needle remains in each vial: 0.1 to 99.9 min
Delay Time: Time needle remains in waste position: 0 to 99.9 hours
Rear Panel: 4 inputs, 4 outputs and 4 grounds for connection to external devices
Compatibility: Culex
Accessories: Standard carousel, 1 sampling needle, waste tube, power cord
Cabinet: EM Shielding
Dimension/Weight: 20 (W) x 30 (L) x 20 (H) cm, 6.3kg
Power: 120V/60Hz or 220/50Hz