Customized Electrodes and Basic Starter Kit

Customized Electrodes and Basic Starter Kit

A wide variety of pre-designed, metal-based, and thin-film electrodes and microelectrode platforms can be manufactured as per the user requirements. Customized manufacturing services are available to adapt these platforms to each customer application.

On-demand services availalbe in the following product categories

  • Basic Single & Multielectrode system
  • Interdigitated & Ring Electrodes
  • Dual Interdigitated Lineal & Ring Electrodes
  • Individually addressable Micro-electrode Arrays

ED-STK-KIT: Customized Starter Kit

Pack of 25 thick/thin film as well as interdigitated electrodes 2-3 of each type along with a specialized connector

Starting Kit is a combined set of 25 different electrochemical sensors to find the best one to fit your application.
Starting kit contains 10 types of electrochemical sensors (2-3 sensors of each type_ and a connector.

 Part Number  Description 
 MX-ED-STK-KIT  Starter Kit - Thick Film and Thin Film Electrodes with a universal Drop Cell Connector