ASTM Grade Corrosion Cell 1L

IP-U-1L-CCWJ: ASTM Grade Corrosion Cell 1L

The IP-U-1L-CCWJ is a fully equipped, vertically mounted, and ASTM G59-97 grade jacketed corrosion cell set-up that can be used with any Potentiostat / Galvanostat / Impedance Analyzer in the world. Dedicated sample holders are provided to hold a circular or flat coupons that can be easily mounted or replaced onto the cell in minutes. This set-up heavily suits the petroleum, automobile and other such industrial level corrosion labs that have a high through-put requirement for a very direct ASTM grade corrosion measurement for quality control, new inhibitor or coatings test, and plant safety. The construction provides thermal control, has dedicated ports for electrodes, pH / temperature probe and is also available in an optional jacketed 500 mL volume vessel. A specially designed long tube Ag/AgCl reference electrode and a graphite rod / platinum rod counter electrodes are recommended for optional additional purchase.

Available Volumes: 500 mL 

Coupon Dimensions: While the working electrode area is 1 cm2 the outer diameter of the circular coupon is limited to less than 15 mm (Square – 4 mm x 4 mm) and its thickness limited to less than 5 mm. 

Included flat sample holder: The kit also includes a thread type sample holder for basic corrosion research and analysis using square or rectangular coupons. 

Wet Parts: Glass & silicon and thus, no limitations due to pH of electrolyte. 

Includes: ASTM Grade Corrosion Cell Setup, 1L High quality glass jacketed vessel with necessary clamps, A disc type sample holder (PTFE), lugging capillary, Purge and Vent, Thread type sample holder (SS/PTFE), Silicon Tube 2 m, glass top (5 port type B19 X 4, B 40 X 1), a test sample coupon (SS) and all the other accessories for plug n play analysis. 

Related applications: 

  • All types of ASTM based corrosion “measurements” for circular coupons.  

  • Non-ASTM grade research-based corrosion analysis on square or rectangular coupons 

  • High through-put analysis that require fast and easy assembly / disassembly process. 

  • ASTM Grade Corrosion measurements with thermal control between 3 deg. C to 90 deg. C also known as critical pitting test. 

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