Electrochemical Detector Working Electrodes For Thin-layer Flowcells








BASi® working electrodes contain a cylinder of electrode material embedded in a PEEK block. The surface is polished to a mirror finish. The electrochemically active surface of the working electrode may be glassy carbon, gold, nickel, platinum, copper, or mercury/silver. Custom electrodes of non-listed material can be fabricated by special order.

The actual electrochemically active surface(s) in a working electrode are the centrally located “dots” in the working electrode block, as illustrated below. In some cases there may be multiple working electrodes within a working electrode block. With multiple surfaces you can further optimize the detection of multiple analytes via dual or quad electrochemical detection.

Ordering information

Part No.
Dual 3mm Glassy carbon electrode
Dual 3mm Gold electrode
Dual 3mm Silver electrode
Dual 3mm Platinum electrode
Dual 3mm Carbon paste electrode (needs CF-1010)
CPO Carbon paste for MF-1004, 1 g
Single 3mm Glassy carbon electrode
Single 3mm Silver electrode
Single 3mm Gold electrode
Single 3mm Platinum electrode