Column Temperature Controllers


HPLC peak elution times are usually impacted by temperature changes. Temperature changes in the lab through-out the day, such as those caused by HVAC cycling, lab drafts lighting and equipment can cause peak elution times to vary, thus complicating data integration and interpretation. Actively controlling column temperature to keep it above ambient can eliminate such peak elution time inconsistency. Also, adjusting column temperature gives you an additional way to tune peak elution timing, since changing column temperature provides you with another tool to tweak peak elution times.

Coupled with a LC-22C Temperature Controller, the LC-23C Column Heater lets you proactively preempt this problem. Typically, though not necessarily, the column heater is contained within the CC-5 Column Compartment.

LC-22C Temperature Controller: BASi® offers column temperature control via the LC-22C controller. This device offers the advantage of being able to control and monitor two independent heating devices at the same time. It can be combined with one or two LC-23C heater blocks to control the temperature of two to four 10 or 15 cm columns. Please note: this item has been discontinued 8/8/16

Operation of the LC-22C is simple. Select the temperature for each heater from ambient to 85°C from the set-point controls. The temperature is displayed on a single line LED display. Cycle through the set point and the actual temperature for each heater by rotating the display select button.

LC-23C Column Heater: The LC-23C will accommodate most common 10 cm and 15 cm columns. Both a pre-column and analytical column can be heated in the dual chambers. The LC-23C can be mounted in the hinged compartment also used for BASi® modular chromatographic analyzers and electrochemical detectors. It is machined from a solid aluminum block which fully encloses the column, end fittings. An outer cover acts as an insulator.


Users of these instruments can upgrade to column temperature control with a version of the LC-23C which slides in through the back panel of the CC-5e cabinet.

If you are unsure of the fit of your column please contact BASi for specifications. We can modify the size of the cutout to accommodate other columns for a small fee.

Ordering Information

A complete heater consists of the LC-22C controller and one or more heater blocks.

EF-1057 LC-22C Temperature Controller - DISCONTINUED 8/8/16
EF-1052 LC-23C Column Heater Block (120 V)
EF-1054 LC-23C Column Heater Block (240 V)