Auxiliary Electrochemical Detector Electrodes For Thin-layer Flowcell










The stainless steel electrochemical detection Auxiliary Electrode block has alignment pins that insure the thin-layer gasket and working electrode are properly aligned when assembled. The auxiliary electrode includes a phenolic base, arms, and inlet/exit connections. Order complete electrochemical detector flow cell package, or individual auxiliary electrode parts, including the three parts of the clamping mechanism. There are four auxiliary electrode styles available, cross flow with down-stream reference electrode, cross flow with reference electrode port, arc flow, and radial flow. If fraction collection or connection to a second detector (UV, fluorescence, or MS) is required, then the cross-flow with reference port (MF-1092) should be used. Otherwise, for cross-flow applications we recommend the downstream reference configuration (MF-1093).

Ordering Information

Corresponding Auxiliary Electrodes:


Flow Pattern - Cross

  Part Number Description
MF-1093 Cross-Flow with Downstream Reference
MF-1092 Cross-Flow with Reference Port

Flow Pattern - Radial

  Part Number Description
 MF-1091 Radial Flow

Quick Release Mechanism


Part Number Description
MR-3609 clamp screw
MR-3741 dowel plate
MR-3742 cross plate
MR-3170  Replacement registration pin