8 Channel Multiplexer

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This multiplexer allows the usage of a single PalmSens or EmStat3(+) Blue with up to 8 electrochemical cells, by switching between the different cells. A great way to raise efficiency. Daisy chain up to 16 multiplexers (128 channels).

Y-cable with a 4 pin or 5 pin lemo connector

Purchase separately:
PALM-CBL-MUX08R2SNS5 Sensor cable for the 8 channel multiplexer (2 per multiplexer)
PALM-CROC8EXT PalmSens crocodile clips for 8 channel multiplexer (32 clips)
PALM-MUX08R2-SPE Screen printed electrode adapter for multiplexer
PALM-MUX08R2-ST Connection terminal for multiplexer
PALM-CBL-HD-MUX08R2 High density cable for multiplexer

PALM-CBL-MUX08R2-DC Daisy chain cable for multiplexers (1 per additional multiplexer)

For Use With:
Single Channel PalmSens4
EmStat3(+) Blue

Click here for 8 channel multiplexer specifications and description

Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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