I-CUP Chilling Chamber

The i-cup is a portable, non-electric vial chiller used to refrigerate urine as it is collected and maintain it below 4°C throughout the day or overnight. It was developed for metabolic collections with the BASi Culex automated blood sampling system but can be used anywhere liquids need to be kept cold for extended periods.

Simply place the i-cup in a -80°C freezer for 6 hours or -20°C freezer for 30 hours. Remove the i-cup from the freezer and it will keep your liquids cold for a minimum of 16 hours.

The new larger cold well now accommodates 50 mL tri-pour beakers, 42 mL capped urine collection vials, as well as 20 mL scintillation vials.


Chill temperature 0 – 3°C
Chill duration 16 hours minimum
Vial capacity 1
Vial size up to 50 mL
Outer dimensions 7.2 inch diameter x 2.8 inch height (183 mm diameter x 71 mm height)
Cold well dimensions 1.57 inch diameter x 2.2 inch height (40 mm diameter x 56 mm height)
Matrial white ABS
Freeze at -80°C for 6 hours or -20°C for 30 hours


CX-1400 - ICUP Chilling Chamber
CX-1211 - 42 mL Capped Urine Collection Vials
PL-4000 20 mL Scintillation Vials

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