Thin-Layer Flow Cell Kit - Single 3 mm Electrode Style

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Kit includes:
MF-1095 Single glassy carbon working -radial or cross flow-3 mm
MF-1068 Gaskets - Radial style cell - 0.0005 inch (13┬ÁM)
MF-2060 Electrode modifier - PK-4 electrode polishing kit
MW-2030 RE-6 Ag/AgCl reference electrode w/flexible wire connector (3)
MR-3608 CC-5e - threaded reference electrode retainer
MR-3609 CC-5e - clamp screw
MR-3741 CC-5e - dowel plate
MR-3742 CC-5e - clamp cross-bar
MR-5275 Reference Electrode Storage Vial with Cap

Category: Liquid Chromatography

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