C-3 Cell - Low Volume Cell Kit

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Kit includes:
MR-3848 - C3 low volume cell top (1)
MF-2031 - Replacement sample chamber (1)
MR-1236 - O-ring for BE cell aux chamber & CGME valve (1)
MW-4130 - Pt wire aux electrode ca. 6 cm (1)
Low volume cell vial (1) (reorder using MF-1084 Low volume cell vial (6))
MW-1034 - Cell top plug (2)
MF-2052 - RE-5B Ag/AgCl (3M NaCl) reference electrode w/flexible connector (1)
MF-2064 - 1/8" chunks porous CoralPor w/ 1/2" tubes teflon heat shrink (1 pk = 5)

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Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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