Low-bind tubing designed specifically for open flow microperfusion (OFM) studies.  Compared to traditional FEP or PEEK tubing, this fluropolymer tubing is less gas permeable and minimizes air bubbles optimizing flow and allowing for increased recovery rates. 

Combination Tubing Sets include push and pull pump head tubing to connect one cOFM or a/d OFM probe includes:

  • OFM-PP2-100-LB


  1. Schematic of cOFM probe with OFM-PP2-100-LB













  1. Schematic of a/d OFM probe with OFM-PP2-100-LB

Single Channel Pump Head Tubing to connect cOFM probes to syringe pumps or collectors includes:

  • OFM-T1-100-LB
  • OFM-T2-100-LB
  • OFM-T1-200-LB
  • OFM-T2-200-LB















Multi-Channel Pump Head Tubing to connect up to three a/d OFM probes in parallel with one OFM pump includes:

  • OFM-PS3-75 (includes Luer Lock)
  • OFM-PL3-75
  • OFM-PL3-75-LB (use for adsorptive analytes)

Ordering Information

 OFM Tubing and Accessories
 OFM-PP2-100-LB  Universal Push-Pull Low-Bind Tubing (3/PK)
 OFM-T1-100-LB*  Low Bind Tubing 0.25mm (6/PK, 100 cm)
 OFM-T2-100-LB*  Low Bind Tubing 0.13mm (6/PK, 100 cm)
 OFM-PS3-75  dOFM 3-channel Push Tubing (3/PK)
 OFM-PL3-75  dOFM 3-channel Pull Tubing (3/PK)
 OFM-PL3-75-LB  dOFM 3-channel Pull Low-Bind Tubing (3/PK)
 MD-1510  Flanged Tubing Connectors, Clear (20/PK)

*OFM-T1-100-LB and OFM-T2-100-LB available in 200cm length. Contact BASi for details

 Product Number  Description   Length (cm)  ID (mm)
 OFM-PP2-100-LB  Universal Push-Pull Low-Bind Tubing (3/PK)  100  0.25
 OFM-T1-100-LB  Low Bind Tubing 0.25mm (6/PK)  100 0.25
 OFM-T2-100=LB  Low Bind Tubing 0.13 (6/PK) 100 0.13
 OFM-PS3-75  dOFM 3-channel Push Tubing (3/PK) 75 0.25
 OFM-PL3-75-LB  dOFM 3-channel Pull Low-Bind Tubing (3/PK) 75 0.25



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