Round Bottom Bowl Cage with Access Panel

Ideally designed for rats or similar-sized rodents.

  • Capable for use with mice or similar-sized rodents.
  • Access panel (door) for convenient animal dosing and handling.
  • Stacks for easy storage.
  • Compatible with BASi's Stand-alone Raturn® Systems.
  • Compatible with BASi’s Liquid Swivel System.
  • The transparent, spherical cage serves as an open field and provides easy visual access.


  • Microdialysis
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Drug infusion/dosing
  • Blood and other in vivo sampling

Additional Applications:

  • General behavioral observations or scoring
  • ​Studies that require the use of a tether/commutator/cables in an animal (e.g., in vivo electrical recordings/optogenetics)


Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel

 Item No.  Description
 MD-1420  Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel cage only

Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel also available as a kit: 

Item No.  Description
 MD-1514  Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel Kit
 Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel Kit Includes
MD-1420  Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel
MD-1515  Lid for Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel
 CX-5000  Water Bottle - rat

Other Accessories:

 Item No.   Description
 MD-1515  Lid for Round Bottom Bowl w/Access Panel
 CX-5000  Water Bottle - rat

Compatible Raturn® Tethers:

 Item No.  Description
 MD-1455R  Rat Tether with Mounting Bracket
 MD-1460R  Mouse Tether with Mounting Bracket

Compatible Liquid Swivel Tether:

 Item No.  Description
 MD-1509  Tether Wire Assembly with Support for Liquid Swivel

Height: 14 in (~36 cm)
Diameter of Cage Floor: (Estimated with bedding): 14 in (~36 cm)
Height of Access Panel: 12 in (~30.5 cm)
Material: Polycarbonate with stainless steel accessories

Cage, lid, and bottle are cage-wash compatible.
Water bottle includes stainless steel sipper.

Rat water bottle CX-5000: - This water bottle can also be used for mouse with this Round Bottom Bowl Cage MD-1420. When this cage is used in association with the Raturn® Systems, the water bottle has to be mounted internally to the cage.

Compatible Raturn® Tethers:
Rat: MD-1455R
Mouse: MD-1460R

Compatible Liquid Swivel Tether:
Rat and Mouse: MD-1509

Comparison of the various BASi Culex ® cages.