Spectro-Electrochemistry Kit for Raman Analysis

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The MF-SPEC-ECKIT-4 is a customized Spectro-Electrochemistry Kit made for our PalmSens customers wanting to expand their electrochemical research with Raman spectroscopy. This kit will allow users to conduct fully synchronous in-situ analysis for electrochemistry hybridized with Raman Spectroscopy using our new AvaSpec HERO Spectrometer (788-1020 nm) for detection. Such a high end cooled back-thinned detector with low-noise electronics, and an optical bench with high numerical aperture results in excellent signal to noise, dynamic range, and higher quantum efficiency in NIR region. Also included is our AvaLaser 785 (included: 785 nm laser safety goggles) and a high-end “Panorama Light Software” for spectroscopic data evaluation featuring 2D/3D data visualization, searching in libraries, archiving in spectral libraries, and more. The kit is also equipped with tight cuvette holder for use with Raman probe of AvaLaser785 with an adjustable gold coated mirror for signal collection.

Scope of Delivery for the MF-SPEC-ECKIT: All parts available upon request
- AV-CUV-UV-VIS: Cuvette holder, 10 mm path, includes 2 UV/VIS/NIR collimating lenses and cover. (Qt.1)
- AV-FO-UVIRCBL: Fiber cable, 600 μm UV/IR broadband fiber (200-2500 nm), 1 m. length, SMA Terminations, BX metal jacketing. Included with MF-SPEC-ECKIT (Qt.2)
- AvaSpec-HERO spectrometer: AvaSpec-HSC1024x58TEC-EVO : 758nm Raman System consisting of an (Range : 100 cm-1 – 3000 cm-1, Resolution: 10 cm-1)
- AvaLaser 785 and probe
- AvaRaman/Panorama Light Software
- Software safety goggles
- Cuvette holder for Use with Raman probe with adjustable gold
- Coated mirror for signal collection

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Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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