Fully Equipped Avantes Spectro-electrochemistry Kit for Vis-NIR Analysis

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The MF-SPEC-ECKIT-2 is a customized Spectro-Electrochemistry Kit made for our PalmSens customers wanting to expand their electrochemical research with Vis-NIR spectroscopy. This kit will allow users to conduct fully synchronous in-situ analysis for electrochemistry hybridized with UV-Vis + NIR Spectroscopy in the full wavelength range of 200-2500 nm. The PSTrace software from PalmSens will show one complete Spectro-EC curve combined for both UV-Vis and NIR in full range. Customizations options are available for flow cell type application using a platinum, gold and carbon as working electrodes. Batch cell type analysis is possible using a platinum or gold mesh electrode as a working electrode.

Technical Specification Sheet

Scope of Delivery for the MF-SPEC-ECKIT: All parts available upon request:

- AvaSpec-NIR256/512-2.5-HSC-EVO: 1000-2500 nm wavelength range, Detector: InGaAs linear array with two stage TE-cooling, 256 pixels, Integration time: 10 µs – 5 mS.

- AV-CUV-UV-VIS: Cuvette holder, 10 mm path, includes 2 UV/VIS/NIR collimating lenses and cover. (Qt.1) 

- AV-FO-UVIRCBL: Fiber cable, 600 μm UV/IR broadband fiber (200-2500 nm), 1 m. length, SMA Terminations, BX metal jacketing. Included with MF-SPEC-ECKIT (Qt.2) 

- AvaBench-75-ULS2048CL-U3: Ultra Low Stray Optical bench, 75 mm focal length, 2048-pixel CMOS detector; USB3/RS232/Ethernet. (Qt.1) 

- AS-7010: Microprocessor board for all AvaSpec optical benches, 16-bit A/D, USB3/RS232/Gigabit ethernet interfaces. (Qt.1) 

- DCL-UV/VIS-200: Detector collection lens for AvaSpec-ULS2048CL/4096CL/2048XL/2048x64(TEC) for > 200 μm fibers, to enhance sensitivity, quartz, 200-1100 nm. (Qt.1) 

- Grating UA: 300 lines/mm grating, Usable range 200-1100 nm, (Spectral range 900 nm.) 

- Slit-50: A 50 um slit installed in AvaSpec series spectrometers. (Qt.1) 

- AVS-HOUSING-EVO: Single Channel housing for EVO. (Qt.1) 

- Range and Resolution: Range: 200-1100 nm; Resolution: 2.5 nm. (Qt.1) 

- AvaLight-DHc: Compact deuterium-halogen light source, 200-2500 nm with TTL shutter, needs extra PS-12V/1.25A. (Qt.1) 

- PS-12V/2.08 A: Power Supply for Avalight-HAL-(S)-Mini. (Qt.1) 

Category: Electroanalytical Chemistry

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