Switch Schedule

The epsilon system provides a set of four relay switches that may be opened or closed to control peripheral equipment such as external detectors. All connections are made to the Event Connector on the back panel of the epsilon detector.

Control of the switches is via the Switch Schedule section of the Method, which can be accessed through the Method drop-down menu:

Alternatively, the Switch Schedule can be reached from other Method screens by pressing the <<OK or OK>> buttons.

The Switch Schedule is a listbox of times, each line indicating the on/off (closed/open) status of each switch:

The -1 line is necessary to establish initial conditions, allowing the switches to change their state at the start (0.0 min) of a run . Without the -1 line, the system could not send a start trigger to a peripheral. For most purposes all the switches on the -1 line should be off.

Use the listbox and its editing features to turn switches on or off at particular times. Click on a line to edit it, or enter a new time in the box. Depress (on) or release (off) the appropriate switches and press Change to enter the change. If it's a new line, press Insert.

The buttons have the usual features as detailed in the USING THE METHOD SCREENS section. However, the Exec button puts the -1 line into effect rather than the 0.0 line.

For most applications, turning a switch on at the start of a run (0.0 min) and off six seconds later (0.1 min) provides a sufficient signal. Similar logic governs signals that are sent during or at the end of the run.

The Run Status box shows the state of the switches at all times (depressed = on, released = off).