Storing Data In A Binary Format

Save file dialog box

Figure 1. Save file dialog box.

Once an experiment has been run, the data can be saved in a proprietary binary format. Clicking Save in the File menu or in the pop-up menu (or using the F4 key) will generate a standard Windows file dialog box. Note that the extension depends upon the experimental technique (e.g., CV filenames have a .CV0 extension).

In addition to the data points, the parameters and Notes are also saved, as well as other relevant settings (e.g., filter values).

The Auto Save Data option in the Multi-Run (MR) dialog box can also be used to automatically save data from single runs started manually.

If the current active data file has not been saved (or has been modified) when the user exits the program, a "Save Data?" message will appear to prevent accidental loss of data.

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