Figure 1. Multi-Run dialog box.

The Multi-Run option is available for all experiments other than galvanostatic and Open Circuit Potential vs. Time, and allows the user to program a series of identical experiments on the same cell to be run without user intervention. The important points are as follows:

  1. Auto Save Data must be checked.
  2. Up to 9999 sequential experiments can be run, as specified in Number of Runs. The experimental data are saved automatically using the filenames ABCDExxx.bin, where ABCDE is the user-defined File Name, and xxx is a number starting at the value defined in Start Run Number, and can take any value up to 9999.
  3. The time between experiments is defined by the user through Delay Time in Sec (2-3600 s). Purging and/or stirring will be activated between the experiments if the Purge - ON and/or Stir - ON boxes are checked.

If Auto Save Data is checked, data from single runs started manually will also be automatically saved.

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