Preparing A Honeycomb For Shipping

The HoneyComb is shipped in a cardboard box with custom foam inserts to secure and protect the instrument during transport. If you no longer have this box, please contact BASi® for a replacement.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the sampling needle(s) by unscrewing the hex fitting which secures them to the sampling arm.

  2. Do not return the sampling needles to BASi® unless you are instructed to do so. Store them in a plastic case, or other rigid container which will protect them.

  3. Remove the power cord and do not return it unless instructed to do so. Store with the needles.

  4. Unscrew the sampling carousel and place it in a plastic bag.

  5. Move the sampling arm to the waste position.

  6. Wrap the HoneyComb in a plastic bag.

  7. Place the HoneyComb in the box as shown. The cutout in the foam matches the shape of the instrument.

  8. Place the carousel in the box as shown.

  9. Place the remaining foam pieces over the HoneyComb and carousel.

  10. Insert an information sheet providing details of the problem you have encountered and your attempts to solve it.

  11. Seal the box and add label with your RA number.

  12. Decontamination Certificate is required. The certificate should be placed in an envelope inside of the box.  If a Decontamination Certificate is not included with your return a $95.00 fee will be applicable. 

  13. Call 765.463.4527 x5809 for insurance replacement value.

Questions?  Contact us

A. Don't forget to remove the needle and package it separately!

B. Add the carousel

C. Add the special foam pieces

D. Place a summary of the service request in the box before you seal it