BASi Electrochemical Analyzers “In The Wild”

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Kimberly Beaty

It’s always gratifying to hear how our clients and partners are using BASi products to conduct their studies and propel their research forward. Recently, Paul Moore, Director and Professor of Biological Studies at Bowling Green State University, wrote to us about his research using the tried and true BASi EC Epsilon electrochemical analyzer.

Mr. Moore sent us a couple of amazing action photos and commented, “I wonder if any of the development or engineers on this system would be interested in how we use the Epsilon? It’s probably different than any other user. We take the Epsilon out into nature and use it to measure chemical distributions in streams and lakes. I have been working with the Epsilon in attempts to detect and quantify pollutants and toxins in stream and lake systems and have been making great progress. Might be a whole new field to explore—water quality and toxin detection in aquatic habitats. I have attached a picture showing how we use the system and how our homemade electrodes look underwater.”

Well, Mr. Moore—you’re right! This IS different than any other user of which we’re aware! We were thrilled to get your photos and to hear your story, and we knew our BASi community would be interested as well. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on your continued research.

How are you using YOUR BASi products? Tell us your story and find out more about our next generation electrochemical analyzer, the Epsilon EClipse™, here!

Kimberly Beaty

Written by Kimberly Beaty

Kimberly is the Marketing and Salesforce Manager at BASi and collaborates closely with the entire BASi team to provide valuable content for our readers, clients and partners.

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