Meet Dr. Ritesh Vyas

Posted on 03/14/2022 by Dr. Ritesh Vyas

Dr. Vyas holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Lamar University TX. Apart from a variety of publications he possess over two decades of experience in fundamental and applied electrochemistry. He started his career as a lead scientist at Whirlpool Corporation for developing electrochemistry labs and in-line sensing test-beds. For the past decade or more, he has served as an international product manager and a global expert for Metrohm in USA, India and Pacific Asia. He has provided advanced research solutions and technical expertise to numerous award-winning researchers and scientists in universities and national research labs. With over hundreds of educational seminars and international workshops, he is recognized as an active ambassador of ‘applied’ electrochemistry education in the field.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ritesh N Vyas as our new Product Manager at BASi Research Solutions.

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