BASi in-vivo sampling products are now represented in the EU by Lab Animal Care!

Posted on 26 January 2021 by Lauren Elolf

BASi is pleased to partner with Edwin Spoelstra to represent BASi in-vivo sampling products throughout the European Union. Edwin brings with him over 25 years of experience at the interface of biotechnology and sales. Edwin earned an M.Sc. in Neurochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at University of Groningen in 2000.  Following his degree, he continued researching CNS animal models and stereotaxic surgery for intra-cerebral microdialysis. With his expertise and understanding of the needs of research scientists, Edwin has successfully supported customers at life-science companies including Dilab, Instech Solomon, Harlan, and TSE Systems. Mr. Spoelstra concurrently holds the position of Marketing Manager at René Remie Surgical Skills Centre in Almere, the Netherlands. He is actively engaged in teaching techniques and ethics in experimental surgery on rodents, and advocates for ethical surgical and laboratory practice.  We welcome Edwin to the BASi Team!

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